Laminex Label


An emulsifiable concentrate containing a surfactant/polymer blend for use to reduce pod shatter on oilseed rape and legumes. Use as a crop aid to reduce pre-harvest seed loss (increase yield), and also to reduce volunteer plants in the following crop. Contains 45% styrene butadiene copolymer.



Eco-Tac is an organic approved sticker adjuvant containing 36% paraffin wax as an EW formulation. Eco-Tac is used in combination with many fungicides, miticides and insecticides in integrated Pest Management as well as in organic farming.

covermax 2


Covermax is a general purpose spray additive for improving pesticide adhesion to the leaf. Can be used with all pesticides where a non-ionic wetter is required, and as a sticker in areas of high rainfall or in irrigated crops. It is especially useful as a sticker with potato blight fungicides and can be used to help adhesion of foliar micronutrients and foliar fertilizers. Covermax is also an effective anti-drift agent.

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